Preserving Our Heritage and Teaching Our Youth

We are sorry to be “bugged” by the virus, and are temporarily closed.  However…

Our motto remains:    Preserving Our Heritage and Teaching Our Youth.  To accomplish this, we are taking this hiatus to give both our website, and our entire Museum, a total reboot and new start.  New Board members, new volunteers, new ideas, new exhibits and new apparatus displays are all part of the fresh start. 

To participate in this exciting new start, we offer you three suggestions:

1.   We invite you to click above and visit our Facebook page for updates on recent progress, and planned activities. 

2.   We invite you to become active as a volunteer.  We need helpers with many interests and skills.  Please reach out to us using the email address below to discuss opportunities.

3.   If you are a businessperson or tradesperson, we probably need some of your products, services or skills.  We need help with roofing, electrical, painting, overhead doors, signage, and other areas.  Please contact us at the email address below to make a difference and help accomplish our Mission.

Thank you very much.

The Board Members and Volunteers of the