Interim Officers and Trustees

Interim President Nathan Morris appointed an Interim Leadership Committee on January 14, 2021.  The Committee is comprised of the following Interim Officers and Trustees.  A formal election of officers, via a Nominating Committee as provided for in our By Laws, is anticipated as Fire Museum activity moves from rebuilding to normal operations, and leaders and workers emerge during this period.

Nathan Morris, President

Nathan is a Driver-Engineer for FLFD, a U.S. Marine Corps veteran, and has a Bachelors degree in Communications. Nathan is part of the Technical Rescue, ARFF and Marine/Dive Teams at FLFD. In addition to the Museum, Nathan works as a yoga instructor and self-improvement coach, and is very passionate about suicide prevention and mental health therapy. He has helped bring our Museum back up to good standing and has many plans for it’s future.

Kim Van Sant, Vice President

Kim served with FLFR, working as a Firefighter/Paramedic, and she well remembers her first shift in 1994, which was at Station 3.  Much of her work was at Fire Station 47, until serious on-the-job injuries interrupted her service.  Kim is active in high school youth activities, and helps students get needed Community Service hours while leading them in accomplishing various tasks at our Museum. Our Volunteer Coordinator, you may get a friendly call from Kim for a little help.

Jim Van Drunen, Secretary

After earning a degree in fire protection, and training with the Chicago Fire Department, Jim served as the fire marshal and fire chief of suburban Chicago fire departments.  Active in founding our Museum from 2004 to 2011, Jim has returned to his long-time service as Secretary (and Museum cheerleader).

Greg Dahlke, Trustee and Facilities & Apparatus Director

Greg lives near our Fire Museum, and saw deferred maintenance at the historic facility.  During the pandemic quarantine, Greg volunteered to work for many weeks, using his building construction expertise in cleaning and repairing our Museum and its systems.  Greg is a former firefighter and has experience in restoring historic apparatus.  He now works hard as our Director of Facilities & Apparatus.

Todd Kesterson, CPA, Treasurer

Todd is a CPA for Kaufman/Rossin and volunteers his time to help us keep our records up to date. Todd helped us by completing seven years of past due tax returns and achieve IRS 501(c)(3) non-profit status again.

David Cherry, Trustee

David serves with FLFR, and has served as a Fire Museum trustee for many years.  He is active in organizing and supporting volunteers in accomplishing Work Party progress.

Mike Grady, Trustee

Mike served with and is retired from FLFR, perhaps setting a record with three working fires on his first shift!  Mike rebuilt the transmission and pump on Engine 3, and is active in its maintenance and operation for Museum educational and promotional events.  He also contributes by accomplishing various projects and upgrades around our Museum.

Tim Habig, Trustee

Tim was born and raised in Fort Lauderdale.  He served with FLFD for 31 years, and retired in 2019 as a Captain.  An antique vehicle aficionado, Tim is active in making sure that our Apparatus Team has the repair parts necessary to accomplish their missions.

Dave Parker, PhD, Trustee

A college instructor, Dave is a past President and a long-time leader in our neighborhood Sailboat Bend Civic Association, and is its representative on our Board.  Dave has served on our Board since the beginning, and he and his friends have spent years helping to improve and maintain our grounds and landscaping.

We appreciate all of our Officer’s, Trustee’s and volunteer’s great work in rebuilding our Fire Museum to Preserve Our Heritage and Teach Our Youth!